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There are at least 164 grammar schools throughout England and with the ever-increasing fees for private education many parents are turning towards the elevenplus exam as a means to a first class education.

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Secondary school selection (The eleven plusexam)

The Eleven plus test is a test given to pupils in their last year of primary school (year 6 in England and year 7 in Northern Ireland) and is used as a means to determine whether that pupil is suited to the academic rigours of a grammar school education. In other words will he/she be offered a place in the grammar school of their parent's choice?

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Some advice on preparing for the elevenplusexam.

Throughout the country there are many different forms of grammar school selection tests and 11plus exams and so it is important that if you are to prepare your child properly for this very important exam then you must find out exactly what type of test or tests your child will sit.

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There are four grammar schools in Lancashire and they all use the same test format. 

Parents of children wishing for their child to sit the 11+ for Lancashire Grammar Schools must complete an entrance form available from each school website. While all the schools use the same test format the admission criteria for each school is different. Details are on the school websites and you should check these details before applying for a school or the elevenplus exam.  

Test content.

The test consists of three  papers. One each in Verbal Reasoning, English and mathematics.    

The grammar schools.

Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School
Lancaster Royal grammar School (boys)

Useful contacts.

Lancashire County Council

Lancashire County Council
PO Box 100
County Hall



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