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Who we are and what we do

As a headteacher I have had many meetings with parents about how to prepare their children for the elevenplus exams. It was obvious to me, that for many parents, the eleven plus and the grammar school selection process was a very complex procedure. This was even more evident if it was the first child in the family taking their 11-plus. 

Conscious of all the stress the exam can create, and having been through the process ourselves with our own two children, my wife Janet and I founded elevenplusexampapers.co.uk. We wanted to offer parents practical advice and tips for their child’s ongoing education and more specific advice as they approach the 11-plus exam. 

What children are taught at school has changed over the years but the basics still remain – with English and mathematics still being at the core of our education system. 

English and maths are central to the 11-plus exam and are well covered in the school curriculum so should only need revision and practice. 

On the other hand, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests are used by many schools/regions, and are generally not taught in many schools.

(Private and prep schools usually do teach these 11-plus subjects.) 

These two subjects will require time and attention if your child is to make sufficient progress to pass their 11-plus. 

Parents are keen to see their child succeed in the 11-plus, while at the same time not putting undue pressure on their children. Success in the 11-plus requires preparation and practice. Our aim is to help you find information and suitable practice material that are just right for you and your child. 

We want to inform parents about the whole 11-plus journey and so we offer relevant advice and information. If we can’t provide the information ourselves then we will point you in the right direction!​

We are now part of the larger Learning Together 11+ Publishers Ltd company who have over 20 years’ experience in preparing materials for the 11-plus market. 

We are small enough to care yet big enough to cope!​

We offer Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning practice tests that reflect the questions used in the actual 11-plus exams and are ideal for use at home by parents.​

We also provide practice and revision books for children in both Maths and English – learning material that is centred on the school curriculum.

All of our tiles have been written by experienced primary school teachers.

Our titles are available for you to purchase as printed books or to download as PDF files for immediate use. Our titles will help you to raise standards and encourage learning - something that every parent wants for their child. Indeed, some of our titles are written specially for parents in order to help them work with their child at home.

Janet and I do hope that you will find useful information and advice on our site and if we have omitted something please contact us via our contact page.

Best wishes,​

Stephen & Janet



Learning Together 11+ Publishers Ltd are specialist publishers of eleven plus examination practice and preparation books and tests. We also publish Step by Step skills and technique books for Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Learning Together 11+ Publishers Ltd are independent publishers with over 20 years experience in preparing materials for the 11+ market. We are one of the longest established publishers in this area of education.


Our Mission

Learning Together strive to provide books that reflect the type of questions that are found in 11+ or 12+ examination papers and past papers throughout the UK. They have been written to help prepare children for a variety of selective examinations to grammar/private schools.

Our Vision

To provide high quality learning, teaching and practice materials suitable for grammar/private school selection tests.

Professional memberships

Learning Together is a member of the Publishers Association of Great Britain and The Educational Publishers Council

Our Authors 

Stephen McConkey MA(Ed) B Ed (Hons) is a recently retired primary school headmaster with many years classroom experience preparing pupils for their elevenplusexams.

Tom Maltman B Ed had a distinguished career in primary school education where he prepared hundreds of pupils for grammar school selection exams.

Philip Kay is a private tutor, based in South East England, who has used his experience of working with pupils who are going to sit their 11 plus exams to write our Verbal Reasoning And Non-Verbal Reasoning Step by Step skills and technique books.