Prepare for the elevenplus exam now

Some testimonials from grateful parents.

Christmas is over and the race to prepare for the AQE has started, so I was thrilled to discover today that test papers were available for download from learning together. However even better than the convenience was the great customer service I experienced almost immediately. Within an hour of purchasing the first download Stephen from learning together had contacted me to make sure all had gone smoothly. Thanks to a new printer, (it turns out), and a brain freeze moment on my part, it had not and I explained this to Stephen who promptly sent me a new link. Now with printer sorted, downloads printed and child trying first paper as I type this I would like to say thanks for the great service and I hope the next 11 months run as smoothly.

Ms GM Larne Parent

My friend and a colleague ordered a set of 26 Learning Together NVR books. We have received them very promptly and are most grateful to you for this. Thanks again for the books and discount, so much easier than going to Waterstones etc! Your service was fab and I find these books in particular useful to gauge how the kids react to non-verbal they have not encountered before.

DG & MW Private Tutors Birmingham




Thanks a lot for your advice ref the Transfer Test downloads. I'll be ordering books as this is a good resource. Your help is much appreciated.

N McC  Belfast parent




Dear Learning Together

We can't thank you enough for your generosity of the free VR books. The children were thrilled to receive their own books today, and the range of questions proved fantastic for developing both our independent and small-group work. Perhaps most evident, though, was how touched they were to be supported and helped in such a tangible way by someone who they'd never met.

Mrs PL (Deputy Director, Tutorfair Foundation / Stretch Academy)




Thank you so much for the wonderful books that continue to inspire learning for our pupils. They are easy to use, the topics are extensive, the books are so intuitively designed and we love working with them!

Mr L. Vice Principal, Mossbourne Parkside Academy 




To Learning Together

Many thanks for helping me with the AQE downloads especially on a Sunday. These tests are brilliant and the service provided was first class. My youngster is right in the middle of their Transfer Test and I needed these for extra practice. Just have to wait for result now.

Mr DG Parent Belfast