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How to do Verbal Reasoning

Ideal for preparing children for their 11-plus. ...

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How to do 11-Plus

Verbal Reasoning  

- A step by step guide

Verbal Reasoning questions are commonly used as part of the elevenplus exam in many areas of the country and by many private or independent schools. Some Verbal Reasoning questions may involve understanding compound words or letter series. There are 21 common types of question that tend to be used quite often. The truth is that there are many more than 21 question types. 

This book will be of use for parents who are working with their children at home as they introduce their children to the skills, techniques and verbal reasoning strategies needed to understand and make progress in the challenging subject area of 11-plus verbal reasoning.

A step by step guide

It covers 18 different question types. Each one is dealt with in a separate unit and each unit has two sections: -

The INTRODUCTION with a worked example and Step-by-Step instructions on how to do 11+ verbal reasoning.
The EXERCISE that follows has 10 questions with additional “Hints” for extra help.

Any child working progressively and systemically through each unit will improve and develop the skills required to increase their competency in attempting VR questions.

Knowledge and understanding of alphabetical order is a crucial introductory step to Verbal Reasoning and your child must have been taught and have practiced their alphabet until they know it “inside out and back to front.” Early units in the book are used to encourage children to work quickly and accurately, developing their skills and knowledge with questions based around the alphabet.

Anther unit with. worked examples, will improve your child's understanding of single letter series and contains questions such as in this extract:-

 VR step by step question

Other units which are clearly set out to develop skills and learning include double letter codes, using letters as numbers, finding smaller words hidden in a sentence, analogies and add three letters to complete a word. All question types that your child will have to master to do well in their 11+ exam.

Parents of children with little knowledge of how to do Verbal Reasoning questions should consider starting on this book before progressing to the Learning Together range of Verbal Reasoning 11+ books 1 - 4.

Trying a wide range of verbal reasoning questions before the actual exam and experiencing timed conditions and seeing the solutions afterwards is one of the most important things that your child can do before their 11+. Practice will serve to increase confidence, improve your child’s skills and knowledge. Repetition and understanding will help to identify areas which require more practice, and equally identify areas which are strengths. Structured preparation will help to reduce anxiety and dispel fears of the unknown.

These test books are used and recommended by schools and private tutors and each book contains 5 tests of 75 questions allowing a child to experience an exam situation in the security and comfort of their own home.