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How to do Non-Verbal Reasoning

How do you do 11-plus Non-Verbal Reasoning - A Step by ...

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How to do

Non-Verbal Reasoning

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Non-Verbal Reasoning questions are types of questions that are commonly used as part of the senior school selection process in many areas of the country. These question types are also used by many private or independent schools as part of an entrance exam. Non-Verbal Reasoning questions are based around pictorial shapes and diagrams with questions based on knowledge and understanding of shape and space and they are not so dependent on knowledge or understanding of English.

There are many different versions of Non-Verbal Reasoning question including analogies, what shape comes next or what shape is different from the others. This book introduces children to the skills and techniques needed to understand and make progress in the challenging subject area of 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The book covers 18 different question topics. Each one is dealt with in a separate unit and each unit has two sections: -

A step by step guide

Sample pages

The INTRODUCTION with a worked example and Step-by-Step instructions on how to do 11-plus Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The EXERCISE that follows has a selection of questions with additional “Hints” for extra help.

(This book is written in the same manner as our How to do Verbal Reasoning book.)

The 18 topics include - which shape is similar, which shape is different, which shape comes next, analogies and adding two shapes together. These are the type of questions your child may have to find the solution to in their 11+ exam.

This book is used and recommended by schools and private tutors as a clear and concise way to improve the teaching and learning of Non-Verbal Reasoning.

This short extract from UNIT 2 - WHICH SHAPE IS SIMILAR?

Shows how each unit is constructed to encourage success and improve learning.

which shape is similar to the others

This preparation book offers practice questions and progressive revision work for any pupil preparing for their 11+ exam.

When your child is learning, and practicing Non-Verbal Reasoning questions they need to work systemically through each question as there may be more than one component to consider including shape size and shading, rotation and reflection of the shape, direction that the shape points and understanding how nets function to name but a few.

Some children find these questions quite easy while others find the whole concept very difficult to grasp. Developing your child’s ability in these questions requires organised practice and study as provided by this book. 

Often the question will contain up to 5 or 6 shapes or diagrams and from these your child will be asked to select the correct answer.

Parents of children with little knowledge of Non-Verbal Reasoning questions should consider starting on this book before progressing to the Learning Together range of Non-Verbal Reasoning 11+ practice books. Structured preparation will help to reduce anxiety and dispel fears of the unknown and these test books allow your child to experience an exam situation in the security and comfort of their own home.