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CEM 11-Plus Verbal Reasoning test 1


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• 60 practice questions based on CEM 11+ tests. (Answers included.)

• Improve your child's confidence before their CEM exam.

• Available when you need extra practice in a hurry.

• Can be completed in standard format.Test 1 of 6 tests.

• Download this CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning test now.


CEM version Verbal Reasoning Test No1 

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NB This product is a PDF download. Once your order is confirmed you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the test.
CEM 11+ practice test to download. PDF  Verbal Reasoning Practice E-Papers straight to your computer - this material provides practice for children taking the elevenplus in areas which use the CEM Elevenplus exam.
Each test contains 60 suitable CEM type practice questions. These tests will provide good practice for those children taking the elevenplusexam since the questions reflect CEM questions that have been found in previous CEM papers.  
A time of 20 minutes is suggested for each Verbal Reasoning Test. 
The tests are completed in the standard way, by writing the answer on the test paper or chosing the correct answer from a selection of possible answers.

** As CEM - Durham University - do not produce practice tests we cannot guarantee that the 11+ exam your child takes will have the same layout or contain questions similar to the practice questions that are contained in this practice test.**


Download link sent when order confirmed.