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Preparation for CEM 11+ Tests - Mathematics


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Comprehensive publication for CEM elevenplus exams.

• Covers aspects of maths including algebra, measures, shape and space and data handling.

• 10 tests each with 50 questions. (Detachable answers included.)

• Develops mathematical language for future tests in Verbal Reasoning or Non-verbal Reasoning.

• Excellent additional work in Mathematics for CEM 11+ exams.


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Preparation for 11+ and 12+ Tests: Mathematics.

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ISBN-10: 1-873385-20-X

A good grasp and knowledge of all aspects of Mathematics are essential to aid any children preparing for their elevenplus exams, grammar school selection exams or common entrance examinations.

This book contains 10 tests of 50 questions each based on the requirements of the National Curriculum and covering various aspects of Maths such as algebra, measures, shape and space and data handling. Knowledge of all these items will help prepare a child for the demands of any school exam.

It offers practice questions similar to those used in many areas across the country, areas that use Mathematics for the 11+ exam. 

This is a very comprehensive publication making use of a wide variety of question types. 
This book gives children a good grounding in the demands of mathematical reasoning tests. No time limit is given and this allows parents to encourage their child to work through the tests at the child's own pace. The level of mathematical language used is very beneficial learning for future tests in Verbal Reasoning or Non-verbal Reasoning used by many Local Authorities in Eleven plus exams.

Detachable answers and a comprehensive glossary are included.

As with all Learning Together titles we encourage the involvement of parents to explain the answers to their child. Parental support is crucial to a child's success in their schoolwork. Preparing for the eleven plus tests, SATs or grammar schools entrance exams is no different.

**These tests may vary depending on the Local Education Authority or school.**