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AQE Transfer Test practice tests

AQE Practice-Papers


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3 AQE test practice papers in a similar format to the actual test. (Answers included.)

• Suitable preparation material - includes maths & English.

• Based on the Key Stage Two Programmes of Study.

• Children can improve their ability in both English & maths.

• Preparation will serve to bolster your child's confidence.


AQE Test Papers.

This AQE test practice pack

contains 3 AQE Transfer Test practice papers in a similar format to the actual test. Each test consists of 58 questions and is suitable AQE preparation material.

Look Inside

Test 1

contains English questions related to poems, a diary extract and reading instructions. These types of texts are often used in the AQE test. This practice paper makes demands on your child's English language and grammar including knowledge of plurals, adjectives, similes, spelling, speech marks and verbs. It also requires your child to have a good vocabulary which they will have gained by having read a wide assortment of texts. The maths questions in AQE practice paper 1 include questions on shape & space including area and length, volume, weight, money and number facts. There are other questions related to time, percentages, fractions and data handling. These questions will require your child to apply their mathematical knowledge to problem solving and to work quickly and accurately.

Test 2

uses English questions based on the following text content - fiction, poems and advertising. These are the sort of texts that pupils in year 6 and year 7 (primary 6 & 7) may have been working on in school but need to sharpen their skills for success in the actual AQE tests. The questions test your child's understanding and knowledge of many aspects of English including how language is broken down into phrases and individual words, the use of verbs, why and how different texts are written for different audiences, differentiating fact from fiction, spelling and being able to understand what the author is suggesting but not actually saying. There are maths questions on algebra, probability, problems involving money, the 24 hour clock, decimal fractions, reading scales, temperature, price reduction, completing a Venn diagram, angles, properties of shapes and working with scale drawings. All topics that will improve the maths ability of your child.

Test 3 

has factual (also known as non-fiction) passages and poems. With reading texts, the child must realise that in some contexts something that is not a fact may be written and portrayed in such a way that the reader may believe it to be true. To accurately complete this practice paper your child needs to understand similes, pronouns, verbs, how one word can have the same meaning as 2 or 3 or even more words. Their teaching and learning in school should have covered apostrophes, contractions, nouns, adjectives and other aspects of English and so prepared them for the English content of test 3. Maths questions involve knowledge of shapes and their area, problems with money and calculation of the unknown quantity "X". Rotation, degrees, place value, average and rounding of numbers, reading data, calculations with complex equations, mathematical nets, cost reduction involving percentages and ratios are all included in this third test.

These tests provide a suitable means for parents to offer additional preparation to supplement the work being carried out in school. 

This is a comprehensive AQE practice pack making use of a wide variety of challenging mathematics and English questions. These tests, which are in Standard Format, give any child a good introduction to the demands of written tests. 

The Transfer Test is strongly based on the Key Stage Two Programmes of Study (the primary school curriculum) and the level and quality of work required is quite high.

A good grasp and knowledge of all aspects of English and mathematics are essential to aid your child in preparing for this important exam and working through our P6/7 packs in English and mathematics will improve a child's ability in both subjects. 

Detachable answers are included.

As with all Learning Together titles we encourage the involvement of parents to explain the answers to the child. Parental support is crucial to a child's success in their schoolwork.

This title is available for immediate download as a PDF file.