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AQE Transfer test 2 - Download


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AQE transfer Test No 2. (PDF Download)

• Suitable practice material using English and maths questions.

• 1 complete composite test in a similar format to the AQE test.

• Standard Format. (Answers included.)

• Children can practice a variety of questions.


AQE Test No 2-PDF Download

Look Inside

The AQE Test is very demanding and parents often need additional practice at the last minute. Due to many requests Learning Together now allow you to purchase and download this PDF file for immediate use and so have extra support work for child at short notice. (The content of this download is the same as Test 2 in our printed AQE pack but allows immediate access at short notice.)

This is Test 2 of 3 composite tests of 58 questions each based on the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum and suitable practice for the AQE Transfer Test. 

This test makes use of a wide variety of mathematical and English questions. The test is in a similar format to the AQE test and answers are included.

AQE practice English content

Test number 2 has challenging English questions based around poems, a written description and a report about a famous footballer. The questions will make demands on your child's English comprehension and understanding of structure within the English language. There are questions about phrases, verbs and different genres of writing. Meanings of words, which will be extended if your child reads widely, are also part of this practice paper. Spelling is always important and your child's spelling ability will be tested. The AQE Transfer Test English questions are based on the Northern Ireland English Curriculum for Key Stage Two - years 5 to 7 in primary school. Using this test in the comfort and security of their own home will help increase your child's ability and confidence as they prepare for the actual exam.

The AQE Test English questions requires your child to have a good vocabulary which they can develop by reading widely using a wide assortment of texts.

AQE practice maths content

The maths questions in this test paper 2 include questions on percentage, money and algebra. Problem solving is usually the most difficult aspect of maths for children and this test seeks to improve your child's skill level by including a range of different problem solving questions. Time questions are built around knowledge of both the 12 hour and 24 hour clock. There are other questions covering probability, temperature (including negative temperatures) and fractions. Data handling is covered using Venn Diagrams. The maths questions are completed with work on area, shape and angles. AQE Transfer Test questions require your child to apply their wide ranging mathematical knowledge to problem solving and to work quickly and accurately.

In the test situation your child will need quick and accurate recall of their number facts. To answer the maths questions quickly your child needs to have been taught, revised and have practiced his/her number facts often to be able to recall them quickly.

These topics should and will have been covered as part of the teaching and learning at their school. Additional reinforcement and revision is always of benefit as preparation for this transfer test.

Additional preparation

A sound knowledge of all aspects of English and mathematics are essential to aid your child in preparing for this important exam and working through our P6/7 packs in English and mathematics will improve a child's ability in both subjects.

Free AQE sample pages  

NB This product is a PDF download. Once your order is confirmed you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the test. This download contains the same questions as test No 1 in the AQE transfer test pack but gives you the convenience of accessing the material immediately via a secure download link.

Download link sent when order confirmed.