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11+ Verbal Reasoning: Book 2


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• Verbal Reasoning for the 11 plus Exam: Bk 2 in a set of 5 graduated books.

• Teach your own child how to do verbal reasoning. Questions include codes, series, logic and reading information.

• There are 5 tests each with 85 questions. (Detachable answers included.)

• Allow your child to practice a variety of more challenging 11-plus Verbal Reasoning questions.

• Ideal resource for any parent preparing their own child for the 11-plus exam.

• Your child can experience a formal testing situation in the safety and security of their own home.


11 Plus Verbal Reasoning: Book 2.

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ISBN-10:  1873385269

This verbal reasoning book contains questions, many of, which are used as part of the CEM exam and it includes questions on codes, series and reading information.

This is book 2 in our series of 5 Verbal Reasoning books and it provides more demanding preparation for the eleven plus exam. The questions in this book are similar to questions found in eleven plus exams set by many Local Authorities and private schools throughout the country.

Different and more challenging questions are introduced and the book provides a means to revise and practice a variety of verbal reasoning questions including many of the most commonly used 21 types of Verbal Reasoning question.

Our How to do Verbal Reasoning book gives worked examples and practice questions in many of these 21 question types. This skills and techniques book will assist you in teaching your own child different approaches to VR questions and enable you to help them understand some of the more difficult question types.

Verbal Reasoning Book 2 contains questions on topics that include the following:-

More difficult alphabetical order questions which will advance your child’s ability in and knowledge of the alphabet. Rehearsing alphabet work will give them a strong understanding of the alphabet and will also help them in other Verbal Reasoning questions such as letter series or codes.

Children and adults both tend to find logical deduction (reading information) questions quite difficult and this book has a range of logic questions with varying difficulty. Some involve reading information to deduce a verbal answer while others require reading information to deduce a mathematical answer.This question type can be time consuming questions but with relevant and targeted practice, supported by quality teaching and learning most children can improve their technique and therefore their skill at answering these questions.

The book also requires your child to complete mathematical tables in order to develop their learning in decimals, subtraction and addition. Instant recall of number facts is essential so that these facts can be applied to other VR questions such as number series, algebra based questions or mathematical codes or problems. (Relevant questions are in the book.) There is an assortment of maths based work that needs to be taught and revised and we include questions that are planned to improve your child’s skill in many areas of maths.     

This maths VR method sheet gives an insight to what is required and how to tackle one of the maths based questions. 

There is also revision of many language based questions, included within the book, which are intended to improve your child’s vocabulary. It is paramount that your child has a good vocabulary and general knowledge. Questions around jumbled words and jumbled sentences provide preparation and development in English that can then be applied to other English based VR questions.

Creating compound words from two smaller words is a VR question type that is often asked as part of the 11+ exam. To be able to do this quickly and accurately your child needs to have attempted and revised this question type more than once. Revising compound word lists is one way of improving word recognition before applying this knowledge to actual practice tests.

Code questions in the book will challenge your child while at the same time help them to improve their ability to tackle this question type.

Other questions in the book have been written to expand English and mathematical skills – skills that can then be used to improve overall scores in verbal reasoning tests.

There is a lot of work to be considered in Verbal Reasoning and the schoolrun website provide a lot of very useful information.

As your child continues to study and review their Verbal Reasoning they will show improvement and what were once difficult questions will become easier and should cause your child less anxiety and worry.

This is the second in a series of five graded Verbal Reasoning Books by Learning Together. A child working systemically through these books will increase their ability to tackle their eleven plus exams.

This book contains 5 tests with each test containing 85 Verbal Reasoning questions reflecting the question type that a child may be faced with in their eleven plus exams for entrance into a grammar school or a private school.

A time of 50 minutes is recommended for each test allowing preparation time like the actual eleven plus exam. A child practicing these tests in the security of their home environment will be at a distinct advantage when sitting the real exam. 

Detachable answers are included.

The content of the elevenplusexam may vary depending on the Local Education Authority or school.

The introductory advice contained in this Verbal Reasoning Book encourages the involvement of parents to explain the answers to their child. Parental support is crucial to a child’s success in their schoolwork - preparing for the eleven plus exam is no different.