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11plus Verbal Reasoning Challenge Tests Cover

Verbal Reasoning Challenge Tests - Preparation for 11+ Tests.


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11plus Verbal reasoning. Book 5 in a set of 5 graduated books.

• The most challenging 11+ Verbal Reasoning book in the series.

• 3 tests each with 100 questions. (Detachable answers included.)

• Give your child practice a variety of very challenging 11+ Verbal Reasoning questions.

• Your child can experience a formal testing situation in the safety and security of their own home.


11-plus Verbal Reasoning Challenge Tests

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ISBN-10: 1873385331

This book contains three 11+ Verbal Reasoning tests with each paper containing 100 questions. It gives practice in the more difficult Verbal Reasoning questions found in many 11+ exams. This questions are in standard "write in the answer" format and are a useful aid in preparing children for their 11+ exams. They offer practice questions similar to those that have been used by state grammar schools in many areas such as Kent, London, Bucks or by the SW Herts consortium.

You can also use theses tests to help prepare children for  independent and private school selection tests or for common entrance examinations in many areas of the country.

These challenging questions are the type of Verbal Reasoning question that many children find difficult requiring the child to deal with a number of pieces of information at the same time. (A grid may assist a child to put the information into a format that they can understand more easily.)

Verbal Reasoning involves the child thinking about words and text and solving problems, sequences, codes etc. (The questions are mostly language based though some questions may be number based.) It requires the child to have a good grasp of English grammar and a wide vocabulary. 

Most schools and Local Authorities administer at least one Verbal Reasoning test. These tests may vary depending on the Local Education Authority or school.

Working through these tests will provide children with an experience of formal testing while at the same time helping them to become more at ease with challenging Verbal Reasoning questions. Practicing these tests will increase the ability of a child to tackle the actual 11+ exams.

A time of 50-60 minutes is recommended for each test allowing preparation for the actual eleven plus exam. A child practicing these tests in the security of their home environment will be at a distinct advantage when sitting the actual 11+ exams.

The introductory advice contained in this Verbal Reasoning book encourages the involvement of parents to explain the answers to the child. Parental support is crucial to a child’s success in their schoolwork. Preparing for the 11+ exams is no different.

Detachable answers are included.