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The format of the GL Assessment.

The GL Entrance Assessment consists of 2 standardised assessment papers and both are in multiple choice in format. The children mark their answers on a separate computer marked answer sheet. The Entrance Assessment is set by GL and is independently marked by GL Assessment. 

GL English Content Paper 1

While this list is not exhaustive questions may include some or all of the following:-Adjectives, adverbs, alliteration, alphabetical order, antonyms, use of apostrophe, capital letters, clauses and phrases, commas, comprehension, connections and conjunctions, metaphors, nouns, plurals, paragraphs, prefixes, prepositions, pronouns, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, suffixes, synonyms and verbs.

Time: 50 minutes.

GL Mathematics Content Paper 2

While this list is not exhaustive questions may include some or all of thefollowing:- Addition and subtraction, compare and order numbers (number value and place value), decimal numbers, fractions, handling data (eg graphs, histograms, pie charts etc), measures (eg weight, length, area, perimeter, volume, temperature, time etc), multiples, multiplication and division, negative numbers, number sequences, percentages, properties of numbers, ratio, shapes and their properties and using all this knowledge to apply to problem solving.

Time: 45 minutes.

The topic areas of English and Mathematics covered by the PPTC Assessment are clearly aligned with the requirements of the Northern Ireland Key Stage 2 curriculum. The teaching and learning for this test will require work at Level 4 and may also contain work at Level 5. The demands placed on the candidates will be quite high and revision using a variety of resources will help your child prepare for the tests in the Autumn of their P7 school year.

English (literacy) and numeracy (maths) questions reflect the knowledge and skills being taught and revised by children using the revised curriculum in Northern Ireland primary schools. There are no requirements for subjects such as Verbal Reasoning or Non-Verbal Reasoning.

You can help prepare your child for the Entrance Assessment using the Learning Together range of P6/7 English and P6/7 maths packs and by having them complete our GL maths practice tests.

This pack of GL maths practice papers contains three individual multiple choice maths tests and is in a similar format to the actual Mathematics test. The questions in the pack reflect the types of questions that may be set in the GL (PPTC) test. Answer sheet included

This product is available for immediate download as a PDF file.


Post Primary Transfer Consortium

The Post Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC) is an organisation that manages the GL Assessment to replace the old 11+ Transfer system, many post primary schools in Northern Ireland have academic selection. The PPTC transfer test is used by 34 grammar schools. The GL(PPTC) tests are in multiple choice format. There are two tests written by Granada Learning (it is commonly known as the GL test) and all the Entrance Assessment papers, by GL, are developed to the same rigorous and consistent high standards. The range of material covered in each paper will vary.

The test is used to select children who are capable of working alongside others in a selective school environment.

The schools that have joined the PPTC will all use the same standardised Entrance Assessment in English and Maths to determine the academic ability of the children who wish to join one of the 34 affiliated grammar schools.

Children need to be to registered for the Entrance Assessment and only children who are registered can take the Assessment.

Children take the transfer test in a test centre in one of the affiliated grammar schools usually on a Saturday in the Autumn term. (There will be a short practice session before each of the papers and, between the papers, the children will have time for a snack and a toilet break.) Parents can request the most convenient centre for their child.


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PPTC-GL Maths Practice Papers

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