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The Transfer Test - GL exam book cover.

GL (PPTC) Transfer Tests


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3 complete multiple choice GL Maths tests - similar format to the GL (PPTC) test.

• Suitable material to prepare for the Transfer Test.

• Based on the Key Stage Two Programmes of Study.

• Children can practice a variety of Mathematics questions.

• A child can experience a formal testing situation in the safety and security of their own home.


Multiple ChoicePractice Papers for Northern Ireland GL (PPTC) Transfer Tests.

ISBN-10: 1873385358

These GL, multiple choice format, Maths practice papers pack contains 3 tests of 45 questions each based on the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

The GL (PPTC) transfer test is based upon these requirements and the format of these practice papers is similar to the real test.

These papers provide a suitable means for parents to offer additional preparation to supplement the work being carried out in school. (Preparation for the Transfer Test given within schools varies greatly.)

This is a comprehensive maths practice pack making use of a wide variety of challenging mathematics questions. These tests, which are in Multiple Choice Format, give any child a good introduction to the demands of written tests. 

The Transfer Test is strongly based on the Key Stage Two Programmes of Study and the level and quality of work required is quite high.

A good grasp and knowledge of all aspects of English and mathematics are essential to aid your child in preparing for this important exam and working through our P6/7 packs in English and mathematics will improve a child's ability in both subjects. 

Detachable answers  are included.

This title is available for immediate download as a PDF file. 

As with all Learning Together titles we encourage the involvement of parents to explain the answers to the child. Parental support is crucial to a child's success in their schoolwork.