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What score does my child need in the GL Assessments transfer test

Gl Assessment Tests: Grammar Schools’ intake and grade details

What score does my child need in the GL Assessment Test ?

The GL scores in the Nov/Dec 2016 tests for entry into year 8 in September 2017 are given in the table below and this table will give you an indication of what GL Assessment score might be needed for Year 8 entry in September 2018. The required score can vary each year depending on factors such as how many children sit the GL Assessment, average scores across the cohort and demand for places in each school.

Below is a comprehensive table of results for the GL Transfer Test taken in the Autumn term of 2016.

It shows the grades or scores needed to get into each grammar schools using the GL Transfer Test result. Some schools accept both the AQE and the GL Assessment.

The schools are in order using the lowest score that was used to offer a place at each grammar school.

The table contains the name of the school, what town the school it is in, the highest and lowest result that each school accepted for entry in September 2017.

It also includes how many first preference choices it received, total applications and how many spaces the school has in year 8 - the Approved Enrolment.

This table gives an indication of what score might be needed in future years to obtain a place in your chosen Grammar School but it is only guidance.

GL Assessment Test Details for September 2017


Test Type
Our Lady & St Patrick's College Belfast GL 212 205 180 A A
Rathmore Grammar School Belfast GL 226 217 180 A A
Sacred Heart Grammar Newry GL 191 181 120 A A
Aquinas Grammar School Belfast GL 133 117 110 A A
St Joseph's Grammar Donaghmore GL 122 104 70 A A
St Colman's College Newry GL 192 172 125 A A
St Dominic's High School Belfast GL 213 200 141 A B1
Our Lady's Grammar School Newry GL 151 125 120 A B1
St Mary's Grammar School Magherafelt GL 183 173 153 A B2
The Abbey Christian Brothers' Grammar Newry GL 168 142 125 A B1
Assumption Grammar School Ballynahinch GL 173 156 120 A B2
Dominican College Portstewart GL 116 110 69 A C1
St Louis Grammar Kilkeel GL 122 101 80 A C1
St Malachy's College Belfast GL 161 149 150 A C1
Thornhill College Derry GL 239 209 200 A C2
Dominican College Belfast GL 160 140 150 A C2
Mount Lourdes Grammar Enniskillen GL 102 102 96 A C2
St Michael's College Enniskillen GL 102 98 100 A D
Christian Brothers' School Omagh GL 151 149 135 A D
St Mary's Christian Brothers' Grammar Belfast GL 201 183 175 A D
St Columb's College Derry GL 242 219 220 A D
Rainey Endowed Magherafelt GL Scores Only 170 140 100 282 226
Loreto Grammar Omagh GL Scores Only 150 145 125 282 221
St Louis Grammar Ballymena GL Scores Only 199 191 139 279 230
Lumen Christi College Derry GL Scores Only 185 183 120 278 244
St Patrick's Academy Dungannon GL Scores Only 298 269 189 274 229
Lagan College Belfast AQE/GL 408 324 200 AQE 121 GL 98 AQE 94 GL 33
Hunterhouse College Belfast AQE/GL 180 73 100 AQE 122, GL 87 AQE 88 GL 20
Slemish Integrated College Ballymena AQE/GL 202 170 120 AQE 113 GL 80 AQE 94-98 GL 30-39
Antrim Grammar Antrim AQE/GL 165 141 105 Band 1  Band 3 
Victoria College Belfast AQE/GL 180 100 130 AQE 124 GL A Band V
St Patrick's Grammar School Downpatrick AQE/GL 118 112 96 Band 1 Band 4
Wellington College Belfast AQE/GL 233 105 110 Band 1 Band 4

** This information is provided for guidance only and while the content is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate we cannot be held in any way responsible for any errors or omissions that it may contain. Please contact your  examining board or chosen grammar school for all admission and registration details for the Transfer Test. **