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school pupilsMore children are attending primary school here than at any time since 1999. (Belfast Telegraph 13th December 2017)

There are more than 173,000 pupils in classes P1 to P7 - a rise of more than 2,000 on last year.

The figures were revealed in a Department of Education report, which details the basic provisional enrolment figures for schools and for children in funded pre-school education for 2017/18.

The data was taken from the school enrolments census, which was conducted in October 2017.

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item 4The Department of Education (DE) has begun a formal process to find a common transfer test.The BBC (26/10/2016) understands that the DE's aim is to have a common test in place by November 2017. The DE have appointed Professor Peter Tymms, from the school of education at Durham University, to lead the initiative. It is called: "Towards a common assessment for the purposes of academic selection".

However, Education Minister Peter Weir told the DUP conference at the weekend that he could not "impose" a state-run test.

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Victoria College Principal Patricia SlevinTransfer test standards to gain entry to a Northern Ireland grammar school are at a record high, it can be revealed. (Belfast Telegraph - January 27th 2017)

It took a score of 100 out of 130 in the AQE tests to gain entry to 11 selective grammars, while seven Catholic schools took only students who had achieved an A in the GL tests. The previous year, just seven selective grammars required a score of 100, while five Catholic schools asked for an A.

Every single selective grammar school was oversubscribed for the 2016/17 academic year - and some of the most popular had twice as many applicants as they had places.

In total there were 11,961 applications for the 8,230 places at our 64 selective grammars.

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